According to the David Suzuki Foundation, humans produce 78 million tonnes of plastic packaging each year and around one-third of that is flowing into our oceans.

Plastic and marine pollution is a global problem that can only be solved if we all work together on a local level. We must be part of the solution – not part of the problem.

The Bay of Fundy is an ecologically significant and culturally integral area of the Maritimes. High tides bring essential minerals and nutrients that are integral to the maintenance of the ecosystem and the many species (some rare and/or endangered) that call the bay and its’ shorelines home.

When marine debris and plastic pollution enter in the water and land on the shorelines, it harms and disturbs the natural cycle of the ecosystem.

By working to protect these shorelines with the Great Fundy Coastal Cleanup, these crucial habitats will remain intact for the species that inhabit them and preserved for generations to come.

The Nature Trust has been hosting various shoreline cleanups since the 1990’s and in 2016, the Great Fundy Coastal Cleanup was developed to serve as an opportunity to cleanup and increase the ecological health of our shorelines, and to engage with communities, industries, and other environmental non-profits across the province.

The Great Fundy Coastal Cleanup has since grown to involve over 25 cleanup partners and sponsors, and takes place at over 20 sites from Campobello Island to Moncton, as well as in and around the Bay of Fundy in late August. 

The Nature Trust and partnering organizations are currently looking for volunteers to sign up and help with the removal of debris, which ranges from commonly found items like rope, plastic and glass bottles and Styrofoam to the more unusual items like deflated sports balls, children’s toys, and even dumped furniture.

Data collected from the cleanup is submitted to the Huntsman Marine Science Centre and the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup for additional marine debris research.

2019 cleanup sites

click on a site below and register before August 15th, 2019 to be involved with a coastal cleanup near you!

partner sites:

past cleanup results and testimonials

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Thanks for organizing such an epic event! I’m very grateful for the opportunity to participant in such a great event and to work with such a great group of people.

- frye island volunteer


If you would like to learn more about the Great Fundy Coastal Cleanup, please contact our Engagement Coordinator, Cheyenne Currie, below or by calling (506) 457-2398.