Tannis has always loved being outside and enjoying nature. As a young girl she was always able to find summer jobs that allowed her to work outside. It was though her work that she first had interactions with the Nature Trust. She has always admired the professionalism of the Nature Trust and dedication to their work. She currently works in the field of conservation biology, which has taken her to many diverse and beautiful forested sites in New Brunswick.

“I am just delighted to be able to serve as a board member as I believe their vision to honour and protect New Brunswick’s remarkable biodiversity and natural heritage, through conserving an expanding network of nature preserves has never been so important as it is now with our lands experiencing so many stressors.”

Favourite Nature Preserve: Ferris Street Forest and Wetland Nature Preserve. This is one of Tannis’ favourites because it is a hidden gem within the city. There are wonderful mature white pines and the Preserve is very easy to access from the walking trail. Her other favourite is the new Seymour Woodlands Nature Preserve. This preserve is just a five minute walk from her home, so it feels like a private oasis.

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