to steward the nature preserves through a network of volunteers and supporters

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Once we have secured a land donation or we have acquired land, the next step is to create a stewardship management plan for the nature preserve.

Our stewardship department creates the management plans, ensures boundary monitoring and flora and fauna surveys, and works with local volunteers and conservation experts to find ways to best steward the land.

We also work with neighbours of the preserve, individuals, and community groups to establish land stewards who look after the preserve and keep the Nature Trust up to date of any changes to the property, as well as to establish “Friends of.." stewardship groups.

Land stewards and stewardship volunteers are the Nature Trust’s eyes and ears on our preserves, and with their help, we can use this information to make effective and integral plans of actions for the perpetual management of the nature preserves.

Our stewards dedicate numerous hours to our preserves to routinely keep up, manage, and care for our protected lands. Stewardship is not only about monitoring and cherishing the land, it also connects others to nature, and enhances the quality of life for future generations.

View a map of the lands we currently steward here.

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Are you interested in becoming a land steward or joining a stewardship group in your region?
Contact our Stewardship Department for more information.