Sophie is originally from Nova Scotia, but settled in New Brunswick in 2013 after living in Alberta and abroad in the Czech Republic. She has a background in Political Science and Ecology, and has a variety of work experience, from working amidst wolves and moose as a rangeland technician in northern British Columbia, to working with congressmen at the Washington Capitol in Washington, D.C, to working with vegetables and mosquitoes on organic farms around the world, to most recently working amidst her fellow civil servants at the New Brunswick Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

Sophie enjoys variety and challenge! She is most passionate about our natural world, having grown up in the woods and following her father's passion for botany, she became involved with the Nature Trust as a volunteer several years before joining the board. Sophie lives off-grid in the woods outside of Fredericton with her dog, horse, mule and partner, and hopes someday to become more self-sufficient and live more off the land.

Sophie is very proud of the progress that the Nature Trust has made over the years to protect natural areas of New Brunswick and she is very happy to represent the Nature Trust on the Board of Directors.

Favourite Nature Preserve: Neləkwənəkek Nature Preserve. As a volunteer, Sophie spent a lot of time on Middle Island doing wetland functional assessments and planting trees.

“I just love the old growth forest and unique topography of the island, and the ferns make you feel like you're in Jurassic Park!”

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