There are various ways to become a social profit partner of the Nature Trust, whether it is partnership in stewardship, conservation, or engagement efforts.

The Nature Trust is looking for corporate partners whose values align with the Nature Trust and who want to assist in implementing the Nature Trust’s mission. The Social Profit Partnership Guide, located below, provides an overview of some different ways that your business and/or employees can collaborate with us to protect maintain and celebrate areas of ecological beauty and significance here in New Brunswick.

What does social profit mean?

Charitable organizations such as the Nature Trust are typically referred to as ‘non-profits’ or ‘not-for-profits’, but why should we use a name that describes what we are not? The concept of ‘social profit’ is best explained by Paul Alofs, President and CEO of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and the bestselling author of Passion Capital:

What other sector of the economy refers to itself by what it’s not? Grocery stores don’t call themselves ‘not furniture stores’. It creates an expectation that we should not be profitable. This negative naming has created a severe disadvantage for us compared with the other sectors in how money is raised, how it gets spent and who gets to ‘profit’ from success. A better name is the ‘social profit sector’.

At the Nature Trust, we agree with Alofs; the charitable sector delivers profit, or value, to society through many institutions, programs, and services. Therefore, charities’ net profit (like the profit of a private company) is in delivering social value.


Sponsor Nature Trust events:

The Nature Trust carries out over 50 events every year to engage people in conservation and stewardship of nature preserves. Events provide us with the opportunity to thank volunteers and supporters, raise awareness about land conservation or simply bring together people who want to spend time outside.  Please contact Renata Woodward to discuss upcoming sponsorship opportunities.

Our most recent sponsorship success has been our work with the Alcool NB Liquor Community Foundation in the creation of the Passport to Nature.

In-kind donation of corporate services:

If your company is not in position to make financial contribution, but is interested to help us to deliver the Nature Trust’s mission, the Nature Trust does accept in-kind offerings in pro-bono services, such as:

  • Trail building and maintenance;

  • Sign installation;

  • Garbage removal, clean-up, and transportation;

  • Water crossing building and maintenance;

  • Legal and accounting services, translation, copy editing, and more.  

There are unlimited ways to support the Nature Trust through financial or in-kind support. Please contact Renata Woodward, Chief Executive Officer, below for more information or call (506) 457-2398.