The Sea Dog Cove Nature Preserve consists of 30 hectares (74 acres) and spans the width of the Kingston Peninsula with frontage on the Kennebecasis River on both ends: Barlow’s Bluff to the South and Sea Dog Cove to the North. The preserve is one of a few protected areas in the vicinity, including the Nature Trust’s Long Island preserves further north on the Kingston Peninsula.


Sea Dog Cove Nature Preserve was donated to the Nature Trust as an eco-gift by the former owners, who planted seven thousand red pine on the preserve during their ownership. The pines have now grown into a mature forest. The Sea Dog Cove Nature Preserve was donated as an ecological gift to the Nature Trust in 2006 by David and Rosi Jory.



The Kennebecasis River is listed as an Environmentally Significant Area, and consists of marshy shoreline and undisturbed riverine forest of red and white ash, Eastern cedar, basswood and red maple. The preserve provides habitat for a variety of migratory birds including species of duck, goose, loon, and great blue heron. Its surrounding waters are host to schools of banded killifish and harbour seals. Also, it is often visited by the peregrine falcon, a species at risk under NB’s Species at Risk Act.

Access and Activities

The western section of the boundary borders Sea Dog Cove, while the eastern shore is Barlow’s Bluff on the Kennebecasis River. Both sides of the property is accessed from 33 Summerville Road.

*The property is undeveloped and there are a variety of hazards and risks associated with accessing this preserve. While this nature preserve is open for public access, visitors must assume responsibility for their own actions and safety and are to use the land at their own risk.