New River Island Nature Preserve is located in Maces Bay, between Pocologan and Haggerty’s Cove, approximately 2 km south-west of New River Beach Provincial Park, in Charlotte County. The island is 13 hectares (33 acres) and roughly circular. It is one of only a few islands in Maces Bay, a small bay in the larger Bay of Fundy. The majority of the island is covered with mixed growth forest, including young to mature hard and soft wood trees.


Robert Stewart, a long-time trustee of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick, donated the entire New River Island in 2001.



On the north shore of the island, there is a well-developed cobble beach composed of smooth granitic and volcanic Precambrian rocks. The outer perimeter of the island is mostly composed of a broad intertidal zone, consisting of rocky ledges covered by thick mats of rockweed and other marine algae. The preserve is isolated enough from disturbances to maintain nesting seabird colonies of gulls and eider ducks on the southern shore, as well as a colony of great blue herons. Bald eagles also frequent the shoreline and species typical of coniferous forests such as golden-crowned kinglets and black-throated green warblers are found in the interior of the island. The preserve is also home to rare ferns and bryophytes found on rock exposures along the shoreline or in shaded forest near the cliff edges.

Access and Activities

The island is accessible only by boat or kayak. Picnicking is permitted.

*No visiting is allowed between May 15 and August 15 due to the bird breeding season. For more information, please review Environment Canada’s guidelines to avoid disturbance to seabird and waterbird colonies in Canada.*

*The property is undeveloped and there are a variety of hazards and risks associated with accessing this preserve. While this nature preserve is open for public access, visitors must assume responsibility for their own actions and safety and are to use the land at their own risk.