hyla park: managing invasive species

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, invasive species are the second most common threat associated with species extinction and the most common threat associated with the extinction of amphibians, reptiles, and mammals.


protecting new brunswick’s wood turtles

The Nature Trust’s multi-year wood turtle project aims to protect wood turtles through education and public engagement.

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elgin eco association

There are a lot of passionate people in New Brunswick who value the health of the natural environment and our connectedness to it. Having worked closely with community groups on conservation and stewardship of land across the province over the years, the Nature Trust has learned the power of grassroots organizations to influence large conservation action in their communities.

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appalachian hardwood forest

My life changed the first time I quietly stood and craned my neck to take in the soaring canopy of maples and ash in a forest so noisy with bird song and so lush with tropical looking ferns that if someone had told me I wasn’t in New Brunswick anymore, I would have believed them.

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stewardship group development

The Nature Trust has set out on a mission to develop strong groups of volunteer land stewards to help care for our growing network of nature preserves across the province. Having groups of stewards, like the “Friends of Blueberry Hill”, as the caretakers and experts of these natural spaces allows for increased monitoring, improved trail maintenance and capacity to take on restoration projects.

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Reg bonney nature preserve on kingston peninsula

For many individuals and families, land is more than just a piece of property. It holds the memories of families and their lives. In many cases, it becomes an important piece of family history. This was true for the late Mr. Bonney [Reg] who had strong ties to the land where he spent his childhood.

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friends of ferris st

With a network of over 45 nature preserves across the province, having local volunteer stewards on the ground as the caretakers and experts of these natural spaces is key to ensuring that ecological features are protected and is vital to our work. Each nature preserve has at least one voluntary land steward, with eight having major community involvement in the form of a stewardship group like the “Friends of Ferris Street” in Fredericton.