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Engagement organizing

JANUARY 10, 2019

Engagement organizing is an approach that marries organizing, technology and a culture of developing leadership in others. This includes a shift to a model that focuses on relationship building and mobilization of supporters at the heart of the work to create a resilient, effective organization.



JANUARY 10, 2019

481 acres of protected mixed forest, as well as a large and rare brackish pond, make up the Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve, donated to the Nature Trust in the 1999, thanks to the generosity and assistance of the late Owen Washburn and his wife Sheila (nee Caughey) Washburn.

Our Executive Director, Renata Woodward, had the pleasure of speaking with Sheila to discuss how she came to donate land and the importance of leaving a legacy.

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JANUARY 10, 2019

Andrew Stokes-Rees, Program Manager for Outward Bound Canada’s Atlantic Chapter, leads one of the Nature Trust’s youth stewardship groups. He says that the Outward Bound curriculum has service at its core, which connects youth with nature for the benefit of the environment and society. He believes that people make choices in life based on what they experience as youth, and in today's society, opportunities to get outside and explore the natural world are decreasing.

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Reconnecting through nature

How two high school classmates reconnected after 50 years apart through conserving land with the Nature Trust.


the magic of grindstone island

When we first arrived onto the island, I was hit with the quiet, untouched peacefulness.

We worked hard that weekend, completing a botanical inventory, cleaning up garbage and marine debris, and surveying the birds who were still present after the breeding season. I've been involved in the group ever since.


furbish’s lousewort

Furbish’s lousewort has an interesting history of being discovered, declared extinct, rediscovered again, and then finally protected as an endangered species in Canada and the United States. It’s a rare plant endemic to the Saint John River in Northern New Brunswick and Maine – meaning that in the entire world, it only grows along this one river. Very few species are restricted to eastern Canada, let alone one section of one river.


conservation on canvas

Featuring preserves from Grand Manan and Blacks Harbour to Shea Lake, the Conservation on Canvas exhibition is a diverse showcase of New Brunswick’s landscapes and biodiversity. In partnership with the New Brunswick Museum and the Nature Trust, the goal of the project is to raise awareness of the natural diversity across the province and to celebrate land conservation as a means of ensuring these landscapes remain protected.


Donate today

Our work is made possible by the generosity of hundreds of Nature Trust members and supporters. You can help conserve a network of significant natural areas by making a donation to the Nature Trust.

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