stewardship technician

Lauren grew up in Saint John and moved to Fredericton to do her Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Natural Resources. She is currently finishing up her Masters of Science in Ecology. Lauren believes that our world would be better if we cared deeper for our environment, or at a minimum, gave ‘environment’ a seat at the table when we think about developing man-made infrastructure. This is what drove her master’s research on the implications of climate change on a forest insect and now with her work with the Nature Trust.

Lauren loves being outdoors, playing and listening to music and spending time with friends and family.

Favourite Nature Preserve: Lauren’s favourite nature preserve is Saint's Rest Marsh, located in Saint John. It is her favourite because it was the first NTNB preserve that she visited, and where she first learned about the work that the Nature Trust does. The contrast between the coastal forest and the saltwater marsh makes it a very unique and beautiful natural space.

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