June 25, 2019

(Lakeville, NB) The Nature Trust of New Brunswick has protected over 293 acres (118 hectares) of various rare and unique forest communities, like mature wet cedar forest, old hardwoods and hemlock, as well as a variety of rich fen and swamp wetlands in the Carleton County region.

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This preserve, which has yet to be named, features the beautiful Gowan and McWaid lakes, which connect to Williamstown Lake through Stewart Brook, that complement the beauty of the old forest stands, made up of Mature Eastern White Cedar, Balsam Fir, Sugar Maple, Yellow Birch, Tamarack, Red Maple and Black and White Ash.

The large old growth trees support various types of wildlife, including different warblers, thrushes and flycatchers, like the Eastern Wood-Peewee.

This property was originally bought by outdoorsman Frank Hickling Sr. back in the 1970s, as he liked the lakes and referred to it as “the greatest little spot in North America”.

Naturalists have been aware of the uniqueness of this property ever since and for years, groups of academics have spent several days in the summer months studying the various flora and fauna found here.

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This newly protected area was made possible thanks to Nancy and Graham Holder, and Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Canada Nature Fund, through an Ecological Gift.  The Nature Trust is grateful for their contribution to the protected areas network in our province. 

Through this generous Ecological Gift, the Hickling/Holder family has helped protect these two lakes and the beautiful old forest stand for future generations, in perpetuity.

This preserve, will be open and accessible to the public in the upcoming months, and will be able to explore a portion of the preserve with a maintained walking trail system for hiking.

The Nature Trust held a naming contest for this preserve in late June at the 2019 BioBlitz, where participants left suggestions for names. The official name will be chosen at a later date, so please stay tuned to our social media channels and website for the official unveiling.

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