executive assistant
email: kaela.neil@ntnb.org

Born and raised in Canmore, Alberta, Kaela grew up with a passion and love for the outdoors and the natural world. Moving to Fredericton for university, she completed a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies from the University of New Brunswick’s Renaissance College, with a secondary major in Environmental Studies. During her undergraduate studies, she completed the Haida Gwaii semester in Natural Resource Science and an 11-week internship at Navdanya, an Organic Farm and Seed Bank in northern India.

Kaela became involved in the Nature Trust of New Brunswick through a community outreach project during her undergraduate degree, and following graduation was hired on as a Stewardship Assistant. 3 years later, Kaela is the Executive Assistant and couldn’t be happier working at an organization focused on preserving the beautiful landscapes of New Brunswick.

Favorite Nature Preserve: Frye Island Nature Preserve on the southern Bay of Fundy. Walking through the mossy undergrowth of Frye Island makes you feel you are walking in a magical land frozen in the past. Surrounded by the endangered Acadian forests, once encompassing all of New Brunswick, you receive glimpses of this past life in the old homestead ruins and huge red spruce and balsam fir trees.

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