french communications officer

Eugénie joined the Nature Trust in June 2019 as a summer French Communications Intern, helping the Nature Trust engage with French-speaking New-Brunwickers. Originally from Québec and daughter of a military man, Eugénie never stayed anywhere for long periods of time until finally settling in the outskirts of Fredericton at the age of 9, where she fell in love with the rich nature surrounding her.

After graduating from École Sainte-Anne, she went to Montréal to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Concordia University, but was ultimately missing New-Brunswick's scenic views and greenery, so she moved back to pursue her studies in Anthropology at St. Thomas University.

Though her field of study has changed, her passion for the environment remains, which is why she is so excited to be working for the Nature Trust this summer. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, hiking, biking, and doing photography.

Favourite Nature Preserve: Eugénie has yet to visit one of our preserves, but is excited to host French Frog Walks at Hyla Park and to get out and explore as many preserves as she can this summer

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