Dick’s Island is a 1.42 hectares (3.5 acres) island located in Passamaquoddy Bay, Charlotte County, close to the Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve. It provides nesting habitat for black-backed gulls, cormorants, almost two hundred pairs of herring gulls, and well over a hundred pairs of eider ducks. It is also a popular feeding area for bald eagles. There are a large number of Canada yew shrubs on the island, a species normally found in rich forest habitats.


Dick’s Island Nature Preserve was donated in 2003 by the John R.W. Disher Family Trust.



The island’s surface is approximately 10% rock outcrop, 45% dense woody shrubs (raspberry, Canada yew, red-berried elder) and 45% non-woody vegetation (fireweed, stinging nettle, jewelweed). In addition, white birch, trembling aspen, and white spruce occasionally rise above the dominant shrub and herbaceous plants.

Access and Activities

Holt’s Point Road off provincial highway Route 127 leads directly to Passamaquoddy Bay.  From there, visitors must take a boat to the island, approximately 1.25 km southwest of the termination of the road. There are no trails on the island but movement is not difficult.

Recreational use is limited due to the large bird presence,which tends to discourage visitors. If you visit, please respect the island’s bird life, and restrict visits to summer or fall in order to avoid nesting and fledgling season.

*No visiting is allowed between May 15 and August 15 due to the bird breeding season. For more information, please review Environment Canada’s guidelines to avoid disturbance to seabird and waterbird colonies in Canada.*

*The property is undeveloped and there are a variety of hazards and risks associated with accessing this preserve. While this nature preserve is open for public access, visitors must assume responsibility for their own actions and safety and are to use the land at their own risk.