To conserve areas in New Brunswick that are ecologically significant, establishing nature preserves that remain protected forever


For countless generations, the people of New Brunswick have cherished the wildlife and beauty of their natural surroundings. We have adopted many deeply-rooted outdoor traditions and we are drawn to the rivers, wetlands, forests, and coastlines of our beautiful province.

But our province is currently facing a significant conservation challenge.

Over 95% of New Brunswick lands are unprotected and open to development, ranking us as the second to last province in the country in the amount of conserved land (4.6%).

Conserving New Brunswick’s ecologically significant land is essential to preserving our outdoor traditions and the places we are connected to. Is it possible to put a dollar value on the benefits that these spaces and unspoiled natural areas bring to our communities?  Most of us consider them invaluable and essential parts of our lives.  

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Conservation areas and nature preserves enhance our own well-being and the well-being of wildlife and plant species, some of which are found nowhere else in the province or country.

As more land in New Brunswick is given over to development, pressure increases on unprotected natural areas to become sites for human activity. Government alone cannot protect all of the areas that are most deserving of preservation for future generations.

There is an increasing need for citizens and organizations like the Nature Trust to keep the natural fabric of New Brunswick viable for future generations. Together, we can do better than 4.6%, with your help we can preserve a way of life and the places that support it.

Learn more about the many ways our conservation team is working to protect New Brunswick’s wild spaces below.

View a map of the lands we have currently conserve here.

Conservation Projects

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landowner stewardship


coastal conservation

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Ultimately, the success of the Nature Trust’s protection efforts will depend on the generosity and participation of individual landowners like you.

There are many ways you can do your part for conservation, including:

  • Considering protecting your ecologically significant lands, in perpetuity;

  • Volunteer with us on one of our conservation projects;

  • Become a member of the Nature Trust or make a donation to help us create new nature preserves across the province.

Do you believe your land is ecologically sensitive or has unique ecological value? Are you interested in protecting your property to leave a conservation legacy for the future?
Contact our Conservation Department for more information.