Aaron grew up in Ontario, but over the years has called several places in Canada home. Following the completion of a degree in archaeology, Aaron moved to Banff, Alberta, where he spent eight years coaching ski racing and wearing out his hiking boots exploring the mountains. He now lives in Fredericton and has made New Brunswick his home since 2010.

Aaron joined the Nature Trust to lead the Conservation Planning team in 2013. He works on a variety of conservation projects, including our Species at Risk work and the Appalachian Hardwood Forest Conservation Project. Much of this work involves building partnerships with other organizations, leading him to work closely with conservationists, researchers, and naturalists in New Brunswick and Maine to further land conservation in our province. Aaron also spends a great deal of time working directly with private landowners, helping them to protect sensitive habitats and species on their property and do their part for the conservation effort in New Brunswick.

Favourite Nature Preserve: Shea Lake Nature Preserve, Plaster Rock

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