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The Campaign for Coastal Land

Photo Credit: Ken Washburn

The Campaign for Coastal Land is officially complete!   The Nature Trust was able to achieve its fundraising and conservation goals, for nature and future generations, by working with landowners to create the Navy Island Nature Preserve in St. Andrews and by doubling the size of the Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve in Bocabec.

In 2007 the Nature Trust established a fundraising target of $950,000 for the Campaign for Coastal Land. In addition to attaining this goal the Nature Trust also received funding for several related projects, such as printing a newspaper flyer, producing a video and writing a book on the architecture of St. Andrews.  These project-related grants provided the Trust an additional $67,000 over and above the original goal.

With major funding from the Nature Conservancy of Canada through the Government of Canada’s Natural Areas Conservation Program, a total of 379 acres (153 ha) of coastal habitat and 3 km of coastline spread out over eleven parcels of land has been secured. The mechanisms for land securement included purchase, donation, conservation easement and voluntary stewardship agreements.

Land Donations

Much of the value of this campaign came from lands and easements donated.  In total, 26ha (64 acres) of land and easements, a value of more than  $450,000, was donated to the campaign. These include easements from Ms. Sheila and Mr. Owen Washburn and Mr. Michael Caughey, the Williamson Family and Voluntary Stewardship Agreements from Mr. Jamie Simpson and Mr. Dave Stevens. Additionally, the Province of New Brunswick  acquired an additional piece of land in  Birch Cove which will be designated as a Protected Natural Area under Provincial legislation.

In order to ensure the highest conservation status, portions of the Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve owned by the Trust are designated as a Private Protected Natural Area.

This project has generated additional coastal land protection in the Charlotte County, including South Wolf Island Nature Preserve, in the Bay of Fundy and Connors Bros. Nature Preserve at Pea Point, in the Village of Blacks Harbour; both of which were donated to the Nature Trust by Connors Bros. Clover Leaf Seafood Company.

The Nature Trust gratefully acknowledges the support of the following sponsors for the Campaign for Coastal Lands:

New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund, New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund, EJLB Foundation, New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, Government of Canada Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk, Nature Conservancy of Canada, The John T. Clark Family Foundation, Davis Conservation Foundation, F.K. Morrow Foundation, Gosling Foundation, RBC Foundation, Town of St. Andrews, Ducks Unlimited Canada, The Sir James Dunn Foundation, The William Wharton Foundation, The Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation, the Lothar von Ziegesar Foundation , TD Friends of the Environment and many generous individual donors.

To learn more about how you can help to continue our work in conservation of coastal lands visit: Planned Giving and Conservation Options.


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