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Seven Days Work Cliff – Grand Manan


Transboundary partnership of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick with the American Friends of Canadian Lands Trust


Grand Manan is the largest island in the Bay of Fundy and a scenic destination for travelers local and abroad. The Nature Trust of New Brunswick currently protects two preserves on the island—Meredith House Memorial Seashore and Thomas B. Munro Memorial Shoreline.

The Nature Trust and the American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts*  are in the process of finalizing the protection of a third property called Seven Days Work Cliff, which falls on the northeast section of the island, between the two preserves.

Seven Days Work Cliff is both aesthetically and environmentally significant piece of land, containing wetland, much natural vegetation, and spectacular sea cliffs. The site is a known for the presence of peregrine falcon—a species at risk in New Brunswick. It also looks out into an area in which harbor porpoises frequent for feeding grounds.


Contributions to this project have been made by the Grand Manan Trails Association, landowners, American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts, Davis Conservation Foundation, The William P Wharton Trust, EcoAction, Nature Trust of New Brunswick and anonymous donors.

*About the American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts: The American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts are a
non-profit organization that supports the conservation of Canada’s natural resources by facilitating donations of land and funding from US taxpayers to Canadian conservation organizations.  Their mission is to protect, and to promote the protection of, the ecological integrity and other conservation values of the natural areas of Canada through securement of fee title and less than fee interests in land. In addition, they support stewardship, public outreach and education, and the conservation activities of Canadian land conservation groups.


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