Nature Trust of New Brunswick

Power of Nature

Empowering children, youth, and new residents through conservation, stewardship, and environmental education

This project aims to empower, engage, and educate new audiences within the province, which the Nature Trust of New Brunswick has not directly focused on before.

First, the project targets young, school-aged New Brunswickers and aims to instill in them a life-long respect for and commitment to our natural landscapes and their inhabitants, leading to enriched families and communities. The Nature Trust plans to initiate a program of nature-based activities to teach children and youth about the importance of land conservation and encourage them to contribute meaningfully to the organization’s goals over the long-term.

Second, the project targets new residents in New Brunswick by way of involving various regional multicultural associations. The Nature Trust will encourage them to explore their local preserves, which will foster a sense of pride and ownership, leading to an increased sense of belonging and encourage general social immersion.  These programs will be conducted in both French and English to foster a sense of social inclusions, especially towards the significant numbers of French-speaking newcomers.

The long-term involvement of children, youth, and new residents will foster a conservation ethic in future generations, which is paramount to the future of the Nature Trust and partners, as well as conservation throughout all of New Brunswick.

This project consists in a series of nature-based activities located at 6 NTNB’s preserves: Cape Enrage, James C. Yerxa, Hyla Park, Boar’s Head, Blueberry Hill and Connors Bros. at Pea Point.

The Nature Trust gratefully acknowledges the support of the following sponsors for the Power of Nature project:

The North Face® Explore Fund™, TD Friends of the Environment, New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund

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