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Landowner Stewardship Program

Landowner Stewardship ProgramIf you want to ensure that your land is protected, but you do not want to donate your property or use other options for formal protection, you can act on your own to practice good land stewardship.

Part of being a good steward of your land is protecting sensitive habitats and helping wildlife find refuge on your property. With forethought and understanding, landowners can care for, enhance, and even rehabilitate their property. Sometimes the best approach is to let natural processes occur with as little interference as possible.

The Nature Trust’s Landowner Stewardship Program helps to support people who want to do their part to improve New Brunswick’s natural areas.  The Nature Trust can provide information about how to care for your wetlands and woodlots or give important tips to ensure that endangered species can thrive on your land. The Nature Trust can also identify the critical areas for conservation on your property and suggest management plans to keep a balance between protecting the land and using it respectfully.  Many New Brunswickers are working with us by making a Stewardship Pledge – their family’s commitment to being good land stewards and protecting land they love so much.

For more information about the Nature Trust’s Landowner Stewardship Program, contact Aaron Dowding at

Good Land Stewardship

Every property is unique. As an individual landowner, stewardship activities you might contemplate could include such things as:

  • Planting native trees, shrubs, and flowers that attract and shelter wildlife.
  • Opting for selective cutting programs that promote wildlife survival and maintain forest cover.
  • Protecting wetlands by leaving buffer strips and maintaining existing drainage patterns.
  • Developing a stewardship pledge with the Nature Trust for your property.

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