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Help the Nature Trust purchase an extension at Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve!


Help us conserve a new piece of Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve

Imagine 600 acres of pristine coastline, wetland, and upland forest protected for future generations, except for one parcel of land in the middle that may be developed. The Nature Trust has a limited opportunity to protect the last piece of land in the middle of Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve by November 15th, and we need your help.

Many of our members, supporters and friends remember the Coastal campaign in the Charlotte County that yielded the protection of Caughey-Taylor and Navy Island nature preserves.

The Nature Trust would like to purchase a piece of land that completes the Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve.


This property has a significant archaeological site and diverse wildlife that seek refuge in the rich wetlands and forests. By purchasing this final piece of land, the Nature Trust can ensure the entire area can be protected.


The cost of this transaction, including stewardship funds is $100,000 and we are $30,000 short.

You can donate by clicking here. 100% of the funds we receive will go directly to the purchase and management of this land. You can also donate by calling us directly at (506) 457-2398 or through Canada Helps

We also ask that you share this link with your family, friends, and co-workers to help us reach our goal!


About Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve

Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve is a 240 hectare (600 acre) preserve, 12 km north-east of St. Andrews on Hwy 127. This preserve has a diverse ecosystem, with thriving wetlands and forests, allowing endangered species to thrive. This is the only habitat along the Bay of Fundy where quahog (Mercenari amercenaria) are found. It also plays host to assemblages of plants and animals found nowhere else on this coastline. The area boasts beautiful views, with streams and tidal beaches. There is also a public trail that goes around Sam Orr’s Pond in the middle of the Nature Preserve.

You can learn more about Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve here by visiting here.

(Banner Photo: Nadia El-Khoury)


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