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Available for Windows phones, Windows 8, iPhone and iPad users, the Nature Trust’s DeepMap Eco application takes advantage of modern, mobile technology, with an intention to connect people with nature.  If you’re an ecotourist, outdoor enthusiast, naturalist, conservationist, or simply looking for your next great adventure, you’ll love this app!  Using location-based, user-friendly maps, you can use DeepMap Eco to explore natural areas in New Brunswick, Canada like never before.

Location-based technology (presented as a user-friendly mapping system similar to Google Maps) allows you to connect with natural areas and ecotourism destinations in New Brunswick, Canada.

You can use the app to navigate to:

  • Nature Trust of New Brunswick nature preserves: Visit one of 34 natural gems throughout the province, totalling almost 5500 acres, protected by the Nature Trust of New Brunswick, use the mapping system to hike existing trails or learn about the flora and fauna of each area.
  • Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve: Explore natural areas in the scenic Meduxnekeag watershed protected by the Meduxnekeag River Association Inc., use the mapping system to trek through a well-marked, 14 km trail system, and learn about the unique flora and fauna of the Appalachian Hardwood Forest along the way.
  • Stonehammer Geopark: Travel to North America’s first Global Geopark in Southern New Brunswick, where you can discover a unique landscape created by colliding continents, volcanoes, earthquakes, and other geological wonders by touring, hiking, zip lining, paddling, and more!

The newest version of the application also offers a sorting feature, so you can make travel plans based on what outdoor activity you’re most interested in – birdwatching, paddling, hiking, you name it.

This application adds a completely new dimension to the way natural areas in New Brunswick are visited, interpreted and explored, while also offering opportunities to learn about and/or get involved with other environmental organizations and socially responsible business featured on this application.

Read on below for more detailed information, download now on iTunes, Windows, or visit your smartphone’s app store and search for DeepMap Eco!

Eco Tour

Deep Map Eco Tour is an application that re-establishes your connection to nature with endless opportunities for discovery of New Brunswick’s unique natural beauty. Learn and navigate to Nature Trust preserves, visit Meduxnekeag Nature Preserves or one of the Stonehammer Geopark sites. Explore, enjoy and positively impact the environment by connecting to one of the New Brunswick’s natural hotspots. DeepMap Eco Tour is for locals or visitors, outdoor enthusiasts, clubs, nature lovers, and people who are or want to become committed to the environment while exploring nature.

Download now here for iPhone or iPad!

Download now here for Windows phones or Windows 8!

Eco Learn

Consider this your eco-education: learn about land conservation efforts in New Brunswick. This portion of the application outlines upcoming outdoor events such as guided nature walks, hikes, beach clean-ups, and trail building days and other activities related to conservation such as workshops, conferences, public information sessions and tradeshows. DeepMap Eco Learn is designed for residents or visitors of New Brunswick, outdoor enthusiasts, clubs, nature lovers, students, and people who want to get directly involved in one of the events or connect with like-minded individuals. DeepMap Eco Learn will not only illustrate the efforts of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick but it will also provide direct involvement opportunities.

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Download now here for Windows phones or Windows 8!

Eco Act

Empower yourself to act. The attitudes of many people towards conservation of the environment are constantly changing.  This mobile solution will help your capacity to act in a socially responsible manner: learn about potential actions you can take, become familiar with ongoing projects of the Nature Trust or become a volunteer in your area. The DeepMap Eco Act portion of the application is for organizations, community groups and environmental clubs who want to make a difference and show individuals the eco-logic behind conserving the environment. DeepMap Eco Act is for businesses and corporations, who want to connect, support or partner with environmental organizations and therefore extend their social responsibilities.

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Download now here for Windows phones or Windows 8!

Eco Connect

Enhance your quality of life – naturally.  The DeepMap Eco Connect is a portion of the application  that will empower you to learn about other environmental non-governmental organizations or to find for niche products that are made locally, organically or have a low impact on the environment. This mobile guide will connect you with other organizations that operate on a local, regional or provincial scale. New Brunswickers will be encouraged to make choices that positively influence their health, local communities and the environment as a whole, now and for years to come.

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Download now here for Windows phones or Windows 8!

This project has been supported by Stellar Learning Strategies, the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and the New Brunswick’s Environmental Trust Fund.


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