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Nature Trust’s Coastal Lands Conservation and Stewardship 

New Brunswick’s coastlands are a part of our culture and natural heritage; not only are they ecologically important, but they form part of a working landscape, where fishing and aquaculture play an important economic role. Between the villages and towns remain stretches of undeveloped coastline – cliffs, rocky shorelines and beaches with outstanding beauty and vibrant ecosystems.

New Brunswick’s shorelines support numerous seabird and shorebird nesting and feeding sites;  habitat for raptors, the endangered Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon. The shorelines border some of the richest marine environments in the world; the Bay of Fundy is an important feeding ground for seals, porpoises and whales. The endangered Right Whale also uses these waters to feed and raise their young.

These spectacular shorelines are under increasing development pressure. Understandably, people want to build along the shorelines. However, human development can damage our shorelines, disrupting local ecosystems, restricting public access, and spoiling scenic views.

The Nature Trust is working with private landowners who wish to help conserve coastline and for those who value quiet wilderness places along our coasts. The Nature Trust has already protected 15 saltwater islands and 6 stretches of undeveloped coastline.

These include spectacular natural areas like L’Etang Islands archipelago, Western Isles, New River Island, Whale Cove, Bishop and Ashburton Head (Meredith Houseworth and Munroe Nature Preserves) on Grand Manan Island, Chocolate Cove (Clark Gregory Nature Preserve) on Deer Island, Pagan Point and Navy Island Nature Preserves in St. Andrews, Southern Wolf Island Nature Preserve, Pea Point Nature Preserve in Blacks Harbour, Dick Island and Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserves in Bocabec.

Thanks to the land donors who have generously contributed to the project:

Mr. Robert Stewart, Connor Bros. Cloverleaf Seafood Company, Williamson family, Mrs. Sheila and Mr. Owen Washburn and Mr. Michael Caughey, Dr. Gene Sharp,  Disher Family, Mr. Don and Mrs. Roty Welstead, Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kelly Meighen, Mr. Ron and Mrs. Rosemary Clanton (deceased), Mr. James Munroe, Mr. Jamie Simpson and Mr. Dave Stevens.

This project would not be possible without the support of numerous individual supporters and funders who have generously contributed to this project:

NB Environmental Trust Fund, NB Wildlife Trust Fund, EJLB Foundation, NB Department of Natural Resources, Government of Canada Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk, Nature Conservancy of Canada, The John T. Clark Family Foundation, Davis Conservation Foundation, F.K. Morrow Foundation, Gosling Foundation, RBC Foundation, Town of St. Andrews, Ducks Unlimited Canada, The Sir James Dunn Foundation, The William Wharton Foundation, The Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation, FK Morrow Foundation , Lothar von Ziegesar Foundation , TD Friends of the Environment and countless individual donors.

To learn more about how you can help to continue our work in conservation of coastal lands visit Make a DonationPlanned Giving and Conservation Options.



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