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Established in 1987, the Nature Trust of New Brunswick (NTNB) is a non-profit, charitable land trust organization dedicated to land conservation in the province of New Brunswick, as well as environmental stewardship and education. To date, NTNB has conserved over 2000 hectares (equivalent to 5000 football fields) of ecologically significant land in 37 beautiful and unique nature preserves. Click here to learn more about our organization and get involved!



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  • Last Saturday, we saw about 25 people show up at Pagan Point Nature Preserve in St. Andrews to help out with the Restoration Day. Throughout the course of the day, approximately 60 native tree species were planted on the preserve to replace the trees lost to deforestation, two new nature preserve signs were installed, and the trail was fixed up.

    We are grateful that so many volunteers came from Saint John, Fredericton, and the St. Andrews area, including Mayor Stanley Choptiany, to help us care for this nature preserve. We also want to thank Jessie and Hugh Davies for helping to organize the event and continuing to do an excellent job as stewards for Pagan Point.

    (Photos: Art McFadden)

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  • Another week, another #WildlifeWednesday! Have you ever had the chance to see a Wood Turtle in New Brunswick?

    If they haven’t already, this species is more than likely getting ready to hibernate on the bottom of a muddy, sandy, or gravel waterway right now, but will emerge again in April or May.

    Check out more of our fact sheets here:

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  • Beautiful photo sent to us from Julie-Lynn who works with Island Nature Trust. She often visits New Brunswick and finds herself out exploring our nature preserves.

    This one is from our Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve in Bocabec near St. Andrews this past summer. It is what we believe to be a Lingonberry flower (Vaccinium vitis-idaea ssp. minus) in bloom surrounded by Caribou Lichen (Cladina stellaris).

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  • Wishing our volunteers, board members, and staff good luck at the Pagan Point Restoration Day today! Thank you for helping to care for this special nature preserve.

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  • Weather is looking good for some tree planting on Pagan Point Nature Preserve tomorrow in St. Andrews!

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  • NEWS! Read more about our upcoming restoration day on Pagan Point Nature Preserve in St. Andrews (same weekend as Indulge Food & Wine!):

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    (St. Andrews, NB) On Saturday, October 18, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Nature Trust of New Brunswick will be hosting a restoration day on Pagan Point Nature Preserve in St. Andrews to restore the f…

  • We are hosting an event on one of our nature preserves right in St. Andrews this weekend on Saturday, Oct. 18. We hope some folks can ‘indulge’ in some tree planting and help us out. Thank you!

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  • #WildlifeWednesday – Did you know that Blue Jays (Cyanocitta cristata) are not actually blue? According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the pigment in Blue Jay feathers, melanin, is actually brown and the unique bright blue colour is a result of light interacting with the inner structure of the feathers.

    If you want to attract Blue Jays to your yard to observe these common, yet beautiful species, they prefer tray or hopper feeders, as opposed to hanging feeders.

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